Sunday, March 14, 2010

KISS Crop & Shop, March 13

Satuday, Tricia & I went to our very first KISS Crop & Shop. As those of you close to me know, I don't (as a rule) scrap away from my room... why go somewhere else when you have it all at home?! lol I'm pretty spoiled by my room so I was very nervous about packing to go to this 12 hour crop. First I decided that I didn't have enough of my own pics prined so I'd work on my mom's backlog of pictures. I went thru & choose which ones appealed to me to work with. Then I matched those picture groups with papers, embellishments, ribbons, fibers, stickers, blah-blah-blah, then put that entire set into a folder. When I arrived at the crop I had 38 pre-planned layouts (single page countes as one, double as two). The next few blogs will be of some of the pages I did.

Ike swining at the UofA:
My boys (no, they definately are NOT angels!)

Brookly, my neice:

My boys, aren't the pretty boys?

Van, my oldest. My mom's best friend from my childhood sent us these Calvin Klines when he was born. I couldn't resist a play on the old Brook Sheilds ads:
Stay tune for more, feel free to comment now or later or both :-)

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  1. They all look great and I'm so excited you chose to join us!