Sunday, March 14, 2010

KISS completed

my mom, Sally, and my Aunt Sarah
Last but not least, my mom back in the early '70's as a model. She was HOT!

That's it for my show... all totaled up, I got 16 pages completely finished at the 12-hour crop.

A little about KISS crop & shop Spring Fling. The CROP part: You got an awesome "pot of gold" and I used at least half of the items at came in mine that very day. There is this thing called a "paper trail" that is just great; attend & you'll find out what that's all about. The SHOP part: Shannon has all kinds of page kits just waiting for people to purchase; not to mention brads, flowers, adhesive, etc.

Next one is at the end of July. We're going!


  1. So glad you had fun, I'm looking forward to seeing you girls again and drooling over the pages you made! Oh and it's a Paper Train and yep, they gotta attend to see what it's all about although we don't do it at all the events but promise to have something just as fun!! Just wait till the Beat the Heat Crop, you'll learn all about our Red Light Specials! :-) I know you don't like to crop from home so I feel honored you'd spend time at our event! See you in July!!

  2. dang! didn't even realize that I'd called it a "trail" instead of "train" lol... so many typos, so little time ;-)